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We improved the snowmobile suspension - again - by adding a totally new feature: twist! The best mountain skid is now easier and more exciting to ride, way more flickable, and definitely more enjoyable than ever!

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Engineered with a twist.

The original EZRyde single swingarm suspension is now adjustable to swivel up to 10 degrees in each direction, giving you up to 20 degrees of total rotation. Grab a handful of fatigue-reducing point-and-shoot flickability, pull easier lines, and ride like you always dreamed you could. Find a Dealer
twistable snowmobile suspension
race proven domination
EZRyde is the skid of choice by racers in the Rocky Mountain Hill Climb Association circuit, with multiple King and King of King Titles.
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EZRyde will only be available at select dealers for the upcoming season. We are currently compiling our dealer network, so please check back soon if you do not find any near you.
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